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short stories two Esrevinu

it was a sunny afternoon and everything was normal. until the giant island fell out of space it looked like a normal meteor but longer and far bigger than a normal meteor at lest 7 miles long and at the middle it was 954 meters tall. but if you looked closely it was glowing galactic … More

hi everyone

hi i am nessy i like writing stores and i hope you enjoy reading them just as much as i enjoy writing them. bye for now

the mutants :prologue and chapter 1-3

                Prologue  At the beginning everything was normal. until IT happened, if you don’t know yet this book is about MUTANTS! People and animals used to live in harmony but one day that all changed. And they got to connected Because of the mutants it got crazy. There were striped houses to the last brick and Ravaging for flesh.   So, let’s get on with the story. It was a sunny afternoon nothing was … More

What is ‘Celebrating Stories’?

This is a sample story post but it’s also a chance to tell you a little about this website. ‘Celebrating Stories’ is a place for children and young adults to be creative and share their own take on the world. You can contribute fiction, non-fiction, it can be written as a standard ‘story’ format (also … More