A (FREE) place where children/ young adults can share stories with friends (and the rest of the world).

You can sign up straight away by clicking this link. However, if you would prefer to know more read on.

So What is ‘Celebrating Stories’?

‘Celebrating Stories’ is a place for children and young adults to be creative and share their own take on the world. You can contribute fiction or non-fiction. You can write something in a standard ‘story’ format (also known as prose), or you can write poetry. You can even share a favourite joke, or if you prefer you could use it to share your artwork and tell us about it.

This is your place to be creative and share that creativity with others. You can comment on each others’ stories, offer encouragement, chat about their story, and tell them about your stories. I hope you enjoy it.

What will my story look like once I put it on the site?

Most of the time your stories will look something like this post once you publish them. However, it’s worth remembering that the front page will only show a preview of your stories side by side with lots of others.

On the front page, your story will be shown with one of your illustrations/ chosen pictures above and a small preview of what you have written underneath.

When people click on that preview they will see your full story. If you would rather upload a picture of a handwritten story that is fine too but remember that the image will look quite small on the main page, so make sure you add a short description of your story too when you add it to the site.

How do I get my story on ‘Celebrating Stories’?

If you have arrived here and you aren’t a member of Celebrating Stories yet you won’t be able to post any stories. To join simply click this link and join the ‘Celebrating Stories’ mailing list (it’s totally free, there will never be a charge for membership). N.B. Make sure to use the email address of the person who will be using the ‘Celebrating Stories’ membership. Your login details will then be sent to you and you’ll be writing stories in no time.

Don’t forget proper sentences and paragraphs. Write any story you like, and I look forward to seeing what you create,

Who set this up?

This site is run by a small, independent, publishing company called Green Flame Books. They are based in Scotland and run by Author John Bray (that’s me!). You can find out more about my books by following this link.

I think writing is so important. It’s a way to make sense of the world and we all need to do that in our own way. That’s why no two stories are ever exactly the same. We all see things in our own way and writing helps us learn more about ourselves because of this.

I hope you enjoy writing stories (and reading them) as much as I do and that’s why I set this site up. I look forward to seeing what you create,

Happy Writing!

Cheers, John