the mutants :prologue and chapter 1-3


At the beginning everything was normal. until IT happened, if you don’t know yet this book is about MUTANTS! People and animals used to live in harmony but one day that all changed. And they got to connected Because of the mutants it got crazy. There were striped houses to the last brick and Ravaging for flesh.  

So, let’s get on with the story. It was a sunny afternoon nothing was unusual but that all changed when the mutants came. They started with the bottom of the country and made their way up to the midlands and now their making their way to the high lands 

Don’t go to the high lands! 


 Chapter one 


“is it safe” whispered Logan “why are you asking me I’m underneath you”. “so, what you’re a mouse you’re always underneath anything except for something under 1 inch. “and were on a plane”. He said. “yea maybe you haven’t noticed but it’s made of titanium”. “Wait I think were landing” he whispered. “No were crashing!” said orange. 

“Well what made you smart ‘orangutan’” he shouted over the wind roaring around them. “Everyone grab a parashot and let’s go. “what will you use”. “I found a napkin ok”. “JUMP!” 

  “Rrrrroooooaaaaaarrrrrrrr!”bear screamed. “It’s ok bear” said Logan patting him with his enormous 4-foot ears. “they Have not…” But he was cut of his tracks. Click click click they herd as a 7-foot lobster jumped out of the water! “RUN! “screamed Alex. 

At all his might Alex plunged the strongest toothpick he had into the mutant but it SNAPED. So, Logan was there with bear at his side and smacked it with his ears. 

And it was a goner. (just knocked out) 

 Logan puled of one pincer and gave it to orange “as a weapon try it out”. “ok seems good now everyone has got a weapon”. “hay there’s a cave”. “Let’s sleep inside it”. “there’s an army of flees ill hold them of  

CHARGE!” Alex shouted. 

“I fought ferociously, and I barely made it out.” Alex said limping towards the rest of the grope      



Chapter two 

                     Narrow escape 

“Ok let’s head in.” said orange. “ok go” 

Orange are you ok. Logan said “Hm ye I’m fine”. “Glad to hear it”. “Bear sorry but can you go to collect some food”. Alex called up to Bear. They didn’t see 

 the two red eyes 50 feet of the ground. 

“Hay this is a good sleeping quarter” said Alex. “Hey bear get off that ledge bear, bear, Bear! Everyone out the cave gather your things and run. I thought it was dead!” Said orange. “What was dead?” test 6…6…6 

That second the cave door exploded rocks fell all around. 



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