Andrew, a bow, and five friends: Chapter 1: The beginning

Andrew was a nice and helpful person and lived in a village on a cliff-side. He was a good bowman but he was definitely bad with a sword, so his first choice would be a bow. But lets get on with our hero’s story.

One sunny, nippy morning Andrew was on patrol. He loved being on patrol because it was like a day off school. It was summer so he was getting a tan but there was a chilly nip in the air.

Today he finally was able to get some breakfast, because he woke up at 5:00am, so he was feeling stuffed. Andrew  had just seen his best friend Nigel, who was also on patrol. He was on his third lap around the village when he heard the deafening, unmistakable, sound of ogres.

Andrew shouted at the top of his voice but there were already others at his aid. Nigel was there first, followed by at least four dozen people at his back. There were ogres coming from every angle. Andrew pulled out his bow. The only things ogres love are chaos and destruction.

Nigel ran up to one of the ogres and stabbed it on its side but the ogre swung its club over its head an smacked Nigel with it. “No!”,  cried Andrew. Nigel hit ageist a rock and stopped moving. Andrew  ran up to the ogre and punched it. He could hear a crack and the next thing he new he was sent flying, and hit a tree.

Hours later he woke up all life that had been there before was now destroyed! At least sixteen trees had fallen on the village houses. Andrew, for the first time, felt alone…


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